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What is the packaging?

Narrowly speaking, Packaging refers to the overall name of containers, materials, and auxiliary materials used to protect products during storage and transportation, and promote sales; It also refers to the technical activities of packing to achieve the above purposes. 

Supplies that carry items that have not entered the circulation field cannot be called packaging, but can only be called “packages”, “boxes”, “containers”, etc. Because in addition to the function of packaging in the package box, the important role of packaging is to decorate the items and win the favor of the audience.

Broadly speaking the external form of all things with commercial value entering the circulation field is packaging.

Commodity packaging should include the following elements.

1. Packaging Objects. It is the object that needs to pack, for example, clothes, and books.

2. Protective Technologies. 

 To avoid damage during storage and transportation, people need to package with a container that has a certain shape and appropriate structure. Each kind of container or box or bag needs to produce by machine or by hand.

ONLYMAILER produce mailing bag and carrier bag with different shapes And structures.

3. Packaging Materials. 

This is the basic element for packaging. Different objects need different materials for packing, it could be metal, glass, wood, plastic, ceramic, cotton, or paper. The choice of packaging materials not only affects the cost of packaging but also affects the market competitiveness of this product.

ONLYMAILER produce mailer with the most commonly used brown kraft paper and white kraft paper. We could produce with glassine paper, PAPTIC paper too. 

4. Visual Communication. To reach the best visual communication effect, people often design packaging with the following points.

A. Packaging Patterns  Patterns in packaging are like pictures in advertisements, and their importance and indispensability are self-evident.

B. Product Labels  Labels are generally printed on the label with the packaging content and the main ingredients contained in the product, brand logo, product quality grade, product manufacturer, production date and expiration date, and usage method.

C. Packaging Color  Color is the most sales-stimulating element in packaging. The color combination that highlights the characteristics of the product can not only strengthen the brand characteristics but also have a strong appeal to customers.

D.Trademark or Brand This is the most important component of the package and should occupy a prominent position in the package as a whole.

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