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Packaging Materials

Product packaging is an important part of the product. It not only plays a protective role during transportation but is also directly related to the overall quality of the product. The following are commonly used packaging materials:

Paper packaging materials: packaging paper, honeycomb paper, paper bag paper, desiccant, honeycomb paperboard, kraft paper, industrial paperboard, honeycomb paper core

Plastic packaging materials: sealing film, shrink film, plastic film, stretch film, heat shrink film, hollow board, POF shrink film, CPP EPP

Composite flexible packaging materials: flexible packaging, aluminized film, aluminum foil composite film, vacuum aluminized paper, composite film, composite paper, BOPP

Metal packaging materials: tinplate aluminum foil, barrel hoop, steel strap packing buckle, blister aluminum, PTP aluminum foil, aluminum plate, steel buckle

Ceramic material

glass material


Other packaging materials/auxiliary materials:

Hot stamping materials: hot stamping materials, laser film, electrochemical aluminum foil, hot stamping film, hot stamping film, hot stamping foil, hot stamping foil color foil

Adhesives and coatings: Adhesives, adhesives, composite adhesives, reinforcements, starch adhesives, sealants, latex, resins, self-adhesive

Packaging auxiliary materials: bottle cap glove machine, mold, gasket, handle liner nozzle, sealing cap, packaging film

Common types

Common packaging products can be divided into types:

1 Packing box: carton, micro tile, regular tile, heavy tile, honeycomb cardboard, display stand

2 Packing boxes: color boxes, cardboard boxes, micro-corrugated boxes

3 Packaging bags: plastic packaging bags, plastic composite bags, single-layer plastic bags

4 packaging bottles: plastic bottles, glass bottles, ordinary bottles, crystal bottles

5 packaging cans: iron cans, aluminum cans, glass cans, paper cans

6 Packaging tubes: flexible hoses, composite hoses, plastic hoses, aluminum tubes

7 Other packaging containers: pallets, paper labels, paper barriers, tapes, bottle seals, nozzles, metal caps, pumps


In addition, according to the packaging form, it can be divided into:

(1) Inner packaging

1 Plastic bag: American lines generally require heat sealing, and the material is high-pressure PE material; unless the customer has specified requirements, PP material is not allowed;

2 OPP bags: good transparency, but brittle and easy to break. They are mostly used for packaging candles, small toys, and other products, and are often requested by European customers;

3 Color boxes: divided into corrugated color boxes and non-corrugated color boxes;

4 Ordinary brown corrugated boxes: Commonly used are 3-layer corrugated boxes and 5-layer corrugated boxes. After the product is packaged, it is generally sealed with tape;

5. White box: It can be divided into a corrugated (3 or 5 layers) white box and a non-corrugated white box. After the product is packaged, it is generally sealed with tape;

6 Display boxes: There are many types, mainly including color display boxes, display boxes with PVC covers, etc. Through this packaging, you can intuitively see the products in the box;

7 Plastic bag + elevator: generally called PBH;

8 Blister Card: Blister Card, referred to as BC;

9 PVC box or PVC barrel;

10 Shrink film: Also called heat shrink film, small toys, candles, and other products are often packaged in this type;

11 hanging cards;

12 egg compartments;

13 back card;

14 Gift boxes: mostly used for packaging jewelry, stationery, and other products, with many types;

15 Others.

(2) Medium packaging 

It mainly includes plastic bags and corrugated box packaging. The main types of corrugated boxes include FOL, TUCK TOP BOX, etc.

(3) Outer packaging

Generally, foreign trade export cartons are 5-layer corrugated boxes, and B/C tiles are mainly used for corrugation.

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