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Packaging Planning

Good packaging must have a step-by-step and systematic operation process, which must include packaging planning, packaging design, and reproduction.

Packaging design positioning

The design and positioning of the packaging are like determining the artist’s career path. Only by finding the right path can he become an instant hit. Finding a suitable design style for packaging is to find a living space for the product to gain market recognition.

1.Market positioning: The market positioning of packaging design requires first determining the position of the product in the market, and the market positioning of the product is usually determined by the merchant.

① Product grade.

② Market selection.

③ Placement.

2.Consumer positioning: Accurate consumer positioning can capture consumers to the greatest extent. The consumer groups targeted by-products are usually determined by merchants.

①Gender and age.

②Hobbies and interests.

③Purchasing ability.

3.Design style positioning: The styles of packaging design are ever-changing. How to find the right direction and determining the style at the beginning of the design is also the key to the success of design expression.

①The nature of the product itself.

②The design expression of similar products.

③Consumer preferences.

④The place where the product is sold.

Packaging design strategy

Every time we walk into a supermarket and face a huge array of products, we always feel an inexplicable sense of excitement. This is packaging at work!

1.Marketing strategy The ultimate goal of packaging is sales. To achieve this goal, not only a good packaging design is needed, but also a clear marketing strategy.

①Good identification.

②Clear pertinence.

2.A brand with a successful brand strategy has good recognition and a unique personality. Its brand image is impressive and allows consumers to choose without hesitation. The market is no longer simply a market that competes based on quantity or quality, but a market that competes based on brand.

① Trust and satisfaction.

② Logo and color.

③ Natural association

3.Environmental protection strategies are inseparable from commodities at any time in commercial society, and packaging has also grown with the development of commerce. Almost all commodities in modern society are inseparable from packaging. Faced with such a market environment, many people point the finger at environmental pollution in packaging. In this case, the concept of “green packaging” has entered the public eye.

① Packaging materials. 

② Production process.

③ Recycling.

④ Concept promotion.

Packaging design process

The life of a commercial package starts from receiving an order, then goes to design, production, packaging of goods, sale on shelves, and then to disposal or recycling after use. In this long life cycle, design is only a small part of it. Although it cannot determine whether the product can successfully reach consumers, it affects the success rate of sales.

1.Market research and analysis Market research can be divided into two types, one is cyclical and extensive, and the other is temporary and targeted, which requires analysis after detailed data research.

①The selling point of the product.

②The estimated life cycle of the product.

③How to establish the image of the product.

④Purchase purpose, consumption expectation and consumption status.

2.Design Creativity and Sketches At the beginning of packaging design creativity, it is first necessary to clarify the scope of packaging design. According to the characteristics of different commodities, packaging creativity has different focuses.

① Visual expression.

② Structural changes.

③ Uniqueness of container shape.

3.Design effect and production Packaging design is different from other graphic designs. Although the design is carried out on the package unfolding diagram, which has a flat visual effect, the finished product is three-dimensional.

① Three-dimensional renderings.

② Model performance.

③ Printing materials.


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