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Gusset Paper Mailers

What are gusset paper mailers?


The gusset paper mailers are made of heavy kraft paper with a gusset bottom or gusset sides that can be opened for additional capacity. These premium quality recyclable kraft mailing bags are made from recyclable thick kraft paper with a water-resistant component to handle heavy items and come with an easy-peel and seal closure and a convenient tear-off strip to protect mailed items during shipping. Paper mailers are perfect for shipping clothing, and documents, paper mailers are made of recyclable kraft paper and are an environmentally friendly choice for shipping all kinds of goods.




● Paper mailer with a professional look and feel.

● Expandable side corner gussets and bottom corner gussets provide additional packaging capacity.

● The bottom cover is easy to fill.

● Adhesive peel seal for simple closures.

● One-piece tear strip for easy opening.

● Ideal for sending large or heavy items by mail or courier.

● Sustainable Forest Products (SFP).

● Fully recyclable.

● High-quality kraft paper with a water-resistant component.

● Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.


Why choose a gusset paper mailer?


Made from high quality, recyclable kraft paper, gusset paper mailers kraft mailing bags are not only better suited to your branding needs but are also fully biodegradable and can be used for applications such as composting and dog poo bags. This is great because using eco-friendly paper bags can have a positive impact on your customers and your brand, which makes them a popular choice for modern supermarkets and clothing stores.

The gusset paper mailer with expandable side gussets or bottom gussets can be made with 1 or 2 self-sealing strips and perforated tear strips. The side corner gussets and bottom grommets allow for quick, trouble-free filling without tearing, while the peel and seal strips ensure easy opening and secure closing. Plus, they are a popular alternative to polyethylene mailing bags and are 100% sustainable, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable, making them a great solution for a greener future.

If you choose paper bags with paper handles, these can often provide customers with strong bagging options while also proving to be very environmentally friendly. This is one of the reasons they are such a popular takeaway option, as they are also "square", which means they are suitable for carrying bulky items and plastic buckets of food.

If you are looking for quality eco-friendly gusset paper mailers, then OnlyMailer Packaging has provided you with some of the leading recyclable gusset paper mailers on the market. if you would like more information about the gusset paper mailers we offer, please feel free to contact a team member.


What is a Gusset Paper Mailer

What is a Gusset Paper Mailer




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