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Custom Paper Mailing Bags

Are you looking for eco-friendly branded packaging that will leave a lasting impression on your customers?

Our sturdy custom paper mailing bags can be imprinted with your logo or design, and the bags are very efficient in terms of space and shipping costs, making them a better alternative to storing cartons or boxes. And, because our custom paper mailers are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable, they are also environmentally friendly.

Our experienced team of professional designers can work with you to design the perfect packaging to represent your unique brand. Our sustainable paper mailers protect your items during shipping and show your customers that you care about the environment. Let us help you make the right impression on your new and existing customers. Get a Quote.


What are the available options for custom paper mailers?

Our custom paper mailing bags are available in a variety of popular lengths, widths, and depth capacities.

Whether your brand is fun or serious, we have custom paper mailing bags and packaging to reflect your image. In addition, we can create custom padded envelopes and padded paper bags with your company logo and colors for items that need extra protection.


Send us your custom paper mailing bag request.


What are paper mailing bags made of?

Our paper mailing bags are made from imported kraft paper, water, and hot melt adhesives, water-based inks, are fully biodegradable, curbside recyclable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable, and are a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional polyethylene mailing bags. paper mailing bags are the best choice for environmentally friendly packaging.

Available in a variety of sizes, these paper mailing bags feature a sturdy block bottom and sides with corner gussets, perfect for packaging all bulky, unbreakable items, while peel and seal adhesive strips provide an easy-to-use, secure closure. All paper mailing bags are made from imported kraft paper to ensure that your goods are protected from the elements during transit, and our paper mailing bags are spill and water-resistant to ensure that your items arrive to your customers intact.

Paper mailing bags are fully customizable, and these paper mailing bags are perfect for printing your logo or unique message, allowing your brand to be used with each bag.


Now you can custom paper mailing bags online at our website we also offer wholesale paper mailing bags.


What is the cost of using paper mail?

Instead of paying postage for bulky cardboard boxes and cartons, companies can save on shipping costs by choosing eco-friendly kraft mailing bags that fit the size of their products.

By contacting OnlyMailer, you can customize the size of your packaging, which means that your mailing bags will be sized to fit your products perfectly, which can save you money on shipping costs. The space efficiency of the mailing bags allows you to make better use of your storage space.

Our team is happy to discuss the best options to meet your company's needs based on the color and volume you need. We offer custom quotes and discounts on larger quantities. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how you can save money with custom paper mailers.


What items can be transported in paper shipping bags?

You can ship a range of products in paper pouches, including fashion items, stationery, books, non-breakable jewelry, gifts, accessories, cosmetics, and more. With different styles to choose from, brands from different industries choose our paper pouches to ship their products.


To learn more or to get a quote on custom paper mailing bags, contact our team today.


What are the benefits of using custom paper mailing bags for shipping?


Sustainability: Sustainability is a growing global concern. Customers are increasingly concerned about environmental issues, and they want to align their everyday purchasing decisions with their values. Making a conscious choice to use environmentally friendly packaging solutions is a smart business decision. This small change will help you position your brand in a positive way and set your company apart from your competitors.

Sturdy: Kraft mailing bags are durable and designed to reach their final destination intact. Because they are waterproof, even light rain along the way is not a problem.

Cost-effective: green choices don't have to hurt your bottom line. Our paper mailing bags are affordable - comparable to many polyethylene bags - so you can choose eco-friendly materials without draining your budget.

Easy to use: Each kraft mailer comes with a self-adhesive strip that lets you quickly seal, close, and ship packages without additional tape. We also offer flat tape handle paper bags and custom paper carrier bag options, each with a variety of standard sizes and depth capacities.

Cost and space savings: Paper mail eliminates the need for bulky boxes, plus you can ship more items for less with packages sized to fit your product. They're lightweight and easy to store, so you can save storage space, assembly time, and shipping costs.

Stunning custom designs: paper mailing bags are a blank canvas for your custom branded designs. OnlyMailer Packaging's design team can help you create the perfect design, and your custom paper mailers will impress your customers by displaying your printed materials in bold, attractive colors.


In short, paper mailing bags are ideal for many e-commerce businesses and are suitable for shipping non-fragile items such as clothing, accessories, stationery, and gifts. E-retailers can often use paper mailing bags instead of traditional boxes and empty space fillers, saving money and reducing unnecessary waste in the process. Kraft mailing envelopes are designed to fit products tightly and ensure safe product shipping without bubble wrap or wrapping paper. Because our paper mailing bags feature quick self-adhesive strips, you can pack and ship bulk orders more easily.


Custom Paper Mailing Bags

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Custom Paper Mailing Bags




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