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Paper Mailer

Product Description


1. This mailing bag is made from imported PAPTIC paper. 

2. It is reusable and tough, with textile-like haptics,  wood fibers as the main raw material, and no mineral filler, so it is eco-friendly and sustainable, which is an excellent alternative to poly mailing bags.

3. The unique bottom made it expandable when filled with products, looks like a three-dimensional polybag, but is plastic-free.

4. With self-sealing tapes (white) which are easy to use.


1. Model No.: OM--01.  

  Size: 485+80*480+60mm

2. Material:

Imported PAPTIC paper

Paper weight: 85 or 100gsm.

Paper width: 550--1150mm.

3. Mailer size range:

Width: 190--950mm.

Height: 230--560mm.

Bottom: 60--350mm.

Paper Mailer

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