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Online Paper Mailer With Gusset

Product Description


1. Our mailing bag is made from imported virgin kraft paper, water glue and hot melt glue, and water base ink. 

2. It is completely biodegradable, and curbside recyclable, so it is eco-friendly and sustainable, which is an excellent alternative to poly mailing bags. 

3. The side gussets made it expandable when filled with products, look like a three-dimensional polybag, but are plastic-free.

4. With one self-sealing tape inside which is easy to use.


1. One perforated tearing strip.


1. Model No.: OM--05.

Size: 390+80*450+80mm

2. Material: 

Brown kraft paper.

Paper weight: 130/150gsm.

Paper width: 550--1400mm.

3. Mailer size range:  

Width: 230--600mm.

Height: 230--600mm.

Side gusset: 60--200mm

4. Printing: can be customized, 5+1 colors.

5. MOQ: 30000pcs/size.

6. Lead time: 20-30days.

Online Paper Mailer With Gusset And Single Adhesive Tape

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