Paper Mailing Bag With Gusset

Paper Mailing Bag With Gusset

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Paper Mailing Bag With Gusset

Our kraft paper mailing bags are designed for e-commerce. Recyclable, sustainable, and eco-friendly, our kraft pouches are perfect for eco-friendly fashion brands looking to reduce the amount of plastic used in their product lines. In addition, our kraft paper pouches are printed with water-based inks. They are non-polluting, recyclable, biodegradable, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, lightweight, and take up little space.

They are flat, with side gussets that allow them to expand when filled with product, making them ideal for small businesses with minimal storage space and perfect for mailing items that are less likely to be damaged in transit: clothing and garments, small fabric accessories, plush toys, etc. These kraft paper mailing bags have been thoroughly researched, tried, and tested competitively and represent the best quality on the market.

The range of sizes available for kraft paper mailing bags is as follows:

Width: 230 - 600mm

Height: 230 - 600mm

Side fasteners: 60 - 200mm


● Made of heavyweight 130-250gsm brown/white kraft paper.

● 2 x self-sealing strips, open along the perforated line, if you want to reuse, please remove the strips and reseal.

● 1 x perforated tear strip for ease of use.

● 100% sustainable, biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.

● Eco-friendly ingredients, 100% recyclable, and a popular alternative to polyethylene mailing bags.

● Ideal for small businesses, made from recyclable kraft paper, sturdy mailing bags that are protected during shipping.

● These bags protect a variety of items in transit due to their strong and waterproof composition.

● Made from natural wet strength kraft paper, ensuring impressive strength and reliability.

● Reusable mailers are perfect for round-trip (two-way) samples, replacement parts, exchanges, returns, document fulfillment, etc.

Kraft paper mailing bags can also be custom.

Our kraft paper mailing bags are an excellent e-commerce option. They come in a variety of sizes and feature a tight, tapeless seal to keep products safely inside. This means you can safely package products ranging from clothing and jewelry to technology. 

Best of all, paper mailing bags are printable. The easy-to-print option is an ideal choice in a market where company branding is critical to getting your business noticed and remembered. With additional mailing protection, your customers will be confident that their products will arrive safely. Customers are also more likely to value companies that take an eco-friendly approach, as more and more people are expressing their distaste for the unnecessary plastic involved in their purchases.


Paper Mailing Bag With Gusset

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