What Are Kraft Paper Bags Used For?

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What Are Kraft Paper Bags Used For?

Aug. 25, 2022

From mailing bags to branded merchandise bags, there's a perfect paper bag for every occasion.


When it comes to your business, a paper bag is more than just a paper bag - it's an opportunity to offer your customers practicality while showcasing your brand to the fullest. The biodegradable and recyclable nature of paper bags allows brands to show that they care about the planet.


We've put together a guide to 6 of our favourite types of paper bags and all the ways your business can use them.


Kraft Paper Bag

1. Simple brown kraft paper bags

Kraft paper bags are one of the most common types of bags. Most department stores and grocery shops use these bags. They are made of simple brown kraft paper and usually have a bottom corner gusset which is reinforced with another sheet of paper. Kraft paper bags are not very durable. However, one can reuse them several times before they wear out. In addition, kraft bags can be easily recycled.

Shopping Bags

2. Party bags

Party bags are glossy, brightly coloured paper bags in the shape of a standard kraft paper bag. You can use the party bags to distribute sweets, candy, gift cards and other souvenirs.


3. Merchandise bags

Merchandise bags are high quality and customized paper bags. They are used by both large and small retail shops. Even some online shops use merchandise bags to deliver their products. These bags are similar in shape to envelopes. Merchandise bags are available in different colours. They can also be further customised by printing them.

SOS Bags

4. SOS bags

SOS bags or Stand-on-Shelf bags are very similar in design to brown kraft paper bags. SOS bags have been widely used to carry packaged food and drink. They are common among children and office workers for carrying lunches. SOS bags are also available in a variety of colours, adding a modern touch. They therefore also provide a great paper bag packaging solution for gift giving.


5. Mailing bags

Envelope style mailing bags are quite popular in the case of e-commerce shipments. Many small products or products with good retail packaging are packed in paper mailing bags. Some of these also have self-adhesive tapes for easy sealing and thin inner cloth liners that resist tearing.

Mailing Bags

6. Recycle Bags

Recycled bags are mostly made from recycled paper. Manufacturers use wood pulp to make paper, which leads to deforestation. Recycled bags use pulp made from waste paper. New manufacturing techniques make recycled paper as good as paper made from wood pulp. Recycling bags come in all shapes and sizes and allow companies to prove that they are environmentally conscious.


Benefits of kraft paper

The main benefit of recycled kraft paper is that it is very strong, due to its increased sulphur and reduced lignin content. This stronger paper is more durable than most alternative materials used on aircraft and is more resistant to punctures than paper.


Kraft Paper Bag

Kraft paper can be made from a wide range of woods, such as pine, bamboo and oak. This means that it is easier to create and therefore there is plenty available - which helps to keep material costs down.


The quality of wood can be quite extensive, which means that it is possible to mix high and low density woods. Many kraft papers are made from imperfect trees that are not suitable for other functions.


As it retains its natural colour and texture, there is no need for additional bleaching steps. This saves money because the material is handled less and the chemicals do not enter the environment.


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