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Is A Paper Mailing Bag A Good Choice?

Jun. 14, 2022

In recent years, everyone has become increasingly aware of how their choices affect the environment. By becoming more environmentally friendly, you can improve sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint. This will help improve your company's reputation with consumers.


The reason the reusable water bottle industry is worth $5.5 billion is not just because people like the images. It's because people are largely against plastic. In the fight against plastic, people are finding new ways to do everything. A different way to shop. To eat. To buy. And to package.


In this guide, we'll discuss some ways to make eco-friendly choices with our new line of paper mailing bags.

Paper Mailing Bag With Bottom And Die Cutting Hole

Paper Mailing Bag With Bottom And Die Cutting Hole

How can I make eco-friendly choices with my packaging?

In the UK, it is estimated that over 5 million tons of plastic are used each year. Almost half of this is packaging. The amount of packaging in circulation in the UK is 2.5 million tons per year.


That's how long it's in circulation. We know that when it comes to plastic packaging, it's not just one year. With the exception of PET or HDPE plastics, which are often recycled, most plastics don't break down effectively or in an environmentally friendly way.


With millions of packages sent each year, making the environmentally friendly choice will improve the well-being and sustainability of millions of companies. Paper mailing bags are a great place to start your eco-friendly packaging journey. They're affordable, easy for customers to open, and - importantly - more environmentally friendly than traditional poly mailers.

Online Paper Mailing Bag

Online Paper Mailing Bag

What are paper mailing bags?

Mailing bags are exactly what they sound like. A bag that can be filled with products and then shipped to where they need to go. Typically, mailing bags are made of polyethylene. It is a good material for this product because it does not allow water vapor to penetrate its surface. It can also be heat sealed for a tight, secure closure. However, it is still a plastic material.


With this in mind, fully recyclable and biodegradable paper mailing bags are becoming increasingly popular. They can provide exactly the same protection as plastic alternatives. They also benefit from a reduced ecological impact when the packaging is no longer in use.


These spacious kraft mailing bags are made from heavy-duty kraft paper with an expandable gusset at the bottom and can be made with 1 or 2 self-sealing and perforated tear strips. Bottom gussets and open-top allow for quick, trouble-free filling, while peel and seal strips ensure easy opening and secure closing.

Online Paper Mailing Bag With Gusset And Outside Adhesive Tape

Online Paper Mailing Bag With Gusset And Outside Adhesive Tape


What is the use of paper mailing bags?

Paper mailing bags are a great e-commerce option. They come in a variety of sizes and feature a tight, tape-free seal to keep products safely inside. This means you can safely package products from clothing and jewelry to technology.


Best of all, paper mailing bags are printable. Personalizing these bags would be a good idea in a market where branding is critical to attracting corporate attention.


With additional mailing protection, your customers will be confident that their products will arrive safely. Customers are also more likely to value companies that take a proactive approach to the environment.


In addition, you can also enjoy custom paper mailer designs online at OnlyMailer. You can choose our paper mailers at cost-effective prices. If you have any questions about custom paper mailers, please feel free to contact us.


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