How Much Do You Know About Kraft Paper Mailers?

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How Much Do You Know About Kraft Paper Mailers?

Jul. 27, 2022

As the world is blocked, the environment does show signs of healing. While these gains may be short-lived, they have created many problems that lurk beneath the surface.


Salesforce reports that digital sales (online shopping) grew 71% in the second quarter of 2020 and 55% in the third quarter. The result is an increase in plastic bags that will end up in landfills or incinerators.


However, there is a silver lining to all of this. Buyers are aware of the problem, and according to a report by Global Web Index, 72% of online shoppers chose brands with sustainability programs over others because of what happened during the pandemic. Even the big brands are starting to recognize this upcoming trend.


By using eco mailer bags or other sustainable packaging solutions, small businesses can make a big difference too!


Kraft Paper Mailer


Kraft paper mailers are a great option for shipping small, lightweight items. You can ship small jewelry or fashion accessories, hardcover books, documents, data cables and chargers, computer discs and USB flash drives, products already packaged in blister packs, or any other lightweight product that doesn't need a lot of protection.


These kraft envelopes are made of sturdy kraft paper and have a strong adhesive closure to ensure your product is secure. They can be used to ship important documents and portraits because the mailer's thick material prevents bending. Natural kraft mailers can be used not only for documents, but also for clothing and other products.


Kraft paper mailers are easier to open and environmentally friendly. In addition, you can use kraft paper mailers with void fills. If you are shipping small glass jars that may break in transit, such as flavored essence or nail polish, then you can use kraft paper mailers filled with void filler.


Kraft Paper Mailer


Advantages of Kraft Paper Mailers

1. Our protective mailers are made from imported virgin kraft paper, water glue and hot melt glue, water based ink.


2. It is completely biodegradable, curbside recyclable, so it is eco-friendly and sustainable, which is an excellent alternative to poly mailing bag.


It combined the simplicity of mailing bag and function of shipping box, this make it excellent choice for company with E-commerce who require non-plastic ,,flexible and strong ways to ship soft items like apparel,other products.


3. The side gussets made it expandable when filled with products,looks like a three dimensional polybag, but is plastic-free.


Kraft Paper Mailer


Kraft mailers are available in a variety of colors and styles, but what about when you need a unique or specific color? Do you need a specific size? Or, what if you need a custom shape? Custom printing is the ideal solution for custom shapes in the printing process.


OnlyMailer Packaging prints a variety of colors and shapes on natural kraft paper mailers. In addition, we offer a variety of eco-friendly printing options.


Why Choose OnlyMailer Packaging?

We pay special attentention to essential materials like paper,ink,glue.Each lot of paper are inspected base on ISO standard before production,include grammage,bursting strength,tensile strength,tear strength,smoothness etc.


Our skilled production staffs and professional QC are responsible for production and finished products quality. We always produce according to buyer's different needs and continuously improve us base on their valuable feedback.


Click here for more information on our custom paper mailing bags!

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